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Community Health Programs

Community Health Programs

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” - Winston Churchill

The present health scenario is quite alarming. Many of the diseases today are the result of the food intake practices. Our food is definitely is mixture of highly processed, genetically modified and filled with residues of chemicals and pesticides added with lot of preservatives and color agents. This certainly leads to many physical and psychological disorders. Cancer, diabetic mellitus, cardiac strokes, obesity etc are increasing among all people. Preventing diseases by taking right food and in right quantity is less expensive and safer than treating the disease today. There is a need for educating people about their health situations and also to motivate them practice sustainable health care practices. Therefore the major focus of the programs is to promote sustainable health of the people. People should be educated to eat healthy to ward off diseases. We are practicing a community based health and management system through our grass root level organizations to make a healthy society with various programs. Free medical camps are organized with the support of various health related agencies and departments to mobilize the community towards the health care prevention.

Health Awareness Class

With a view to make the people aware about the principle ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ a good number of awareness classes were given at MCC, GVS and Central level. Health & Hygiene, communicable diseases, lifestyle diseases, monsoon diseases, deficiency of nutritional food, consequences of liquor and drugs abuse, environment and waste management are the topics on which awareness classes were held.

General, Geriatric and Eye Medical Camps

In the general medical camp facilities were arranged for the detection of various diseases with free investigations and treatment. Most of the patients were treated on the spot and others were referred to hospitals for better treatment. Few poor patients received free surgeries and medical treatment. Health section gave great importance to the immunization program to prevent communicable

Community based rehabilitation

Community based rehabilitation of the disabled is a program for the identification, forming, support and strengthening of the various people with disabilities in the community not in an institution. To create awareness about disabilities to the community, strengthen integrated SHG’s in a sustainable manner, facilitate education intervention programs for the disabled, better the physical and health conditions of the people with disabilities, to avail Gov. schemes/programs for the disable to ensure sustainability of the program through networking with various institutions, agencies and personnel are some of the objectives of this program

HIV/AIDS is a fearful situation in this area and preventive measures are proposed than any other measures We have started some initiatives in the year 2004 to give awareness to the members of the SHGs and by2006 we made detailed study on the issue in 4 grama panchataths. We found that the traditional concept of risk groups are more sensitive to the problem and the lonely affluent Women/house vives in the house holds are more prone to this issue. We also initiated an awareness program and counseling facility for the women, men, children and youth. Further, we provide care and support for the positive people in the houses. Vocational Training, Self Employment program is promoted for the positives. For the positive children below the age of 15 financial supports is given to them for ART, travel and nutritional support. Counseling is given to the children and the family members

Monitoring Visits

SMonitoring visit is aimed the families to attain the target that was put forward in the one year and six year plans. It also aims at close interaction with the families and community. Monitoring visit also helps to motivate and inspire them to achieve required development within a period of six years. By the monthly visit, the animator comes to know about the day to day situation of the beneficiary family and their IGPs. The yearly visit by the coordinator helps to have better relationship brings qualitative change in their family life.

Implementation of IGP

Initiating IGP program is one of the important components of SAFP program. It is done for improving the income of the beneficiary family and savings. IGP is to be started with the support of local fund mobilization and it is to be started according to the interest of the beneficiaries. EDP training was given to the beneficiaries of the selected families. The purpose behind the training program was for the better and successful implementation of the program. The EDP trainings helped the participants to develop solid ideas about working as an Enterprise. This enhanced the ability of each participant to initiate for any enterprise by their own. The members had been trained on different fields like leadership development, production of goods, importance of quality, marketing, sustainability, etc. These trainings will also give light to certain income generation programs which were implemented successfully in the operational areas. EDP training was given to all the families in the regional and central level meetings. It resulted in the increased the number of IGPs, increase of the income of the families and increase of the economic and social well being of the families. The income from the IGP resulted to in reduce indebtedness, improving living conditions, reducing the burden on single parents such as widows as well as abandoned women. The beneficiaries need skill up gradation to execute the new venture in a successful manner. To fulfill this need the agency has provided skill development program to the beneficiaries under the banner of EDP training. This will help the beneficiary to execute his/her venture successful and profitable.


Food security is the back born of national prosperity and well being. The health of every nation is directly linked to food security. When a family is able to have their minimum food a day, then its members does not live in hunger or fear of starvation. Access to adequate food is a human right. To achieve this aim COD is implementing a project named ‘Bhakshya Samrudhy’ in Kozhikode and Malappuram districts. Sustainable livelihood promotion and food security aimed at the socio-economic empowerment of the agriculture farmers.

Bhakshyasamrudhy programmes was started in 2013 March 23. It aims at promoting food security of the rural poor people through sustainable agricultural practices, formation of JLGs(Joint Liability Group), capacity building, Natural resource management and group farming. Promotion of homestead farming and regeneration of natural resources are given importance which will enable the families to have greater access to house hold organic agricultural products and abundance of safe drinking water.


Vegetable Cultivation

Banana Cultivation

Paddy Cultivation

Planting Fruit trees

Food Processing

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