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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

“The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes.” - Tony Blair

COD promotes leadership development programs to enhance the leadership qualities in the individuals and local organizations to an action learning process. These programs primarily envisage the training curriculum to equip each participant to make them taking responsibilities of development action immediately, gaining focus on tasks, developing life purposes, developing effective and achievable goals and dreams.

Leadership Training

Centre for Overall Development COD, Thamarassery conducted leadership development training under the scheme of Nai Roshni by Ministry of Minority affairs. The training was conducted strictly following the direction of the project and was very useful to the participants. The training was conduct 10 villages with the active participation of 25 women from each village. Total 250 women are trained in skills. The training topic were interpersonal skills, empathy and effective communication, stress management and emotional intelligence, problem solving, critical thinking and decision making, self awareness, public speaking, leadership and nrega and self employment. The trainees are very much thankful to COD and Ministry of Minority affairs for the wonderful event.

Geriatric Care Management

COD has undertaken Geriatric care management the process of planning and coordinating care of the elderly and others with physical and mental impairments to meet their long term care needs, improve their quality of life and maintain their independence for as long as possible through community based systems. It entails working with persons of old age and their families in managing, rendering and referring various types of health and social care services. Senior citizen group members from different villages met together cluster meetings. These meetings were conducted into enrich the activities of group members, mainly through experience sharing and exchanges of ideas and thoughts and thus maintain the freshness and dynamism in the groups. Classes organized included topics on old age, health issues, eating habits, lifestyle and conducted cultural programmes.

Aged Fathers and Mothers Association (AFMA)

The senior citizen’s support service creates a great space for elders to come together, share their experience and develop conduct discussions, day celebrations, awareness programme and experience sharing. Some groups organize medical camps and seminars on the problems of the aged.


Honoring of old age people

Get-together of old age people

Exposure visit and tour

Interface with Youth and Children

Medicinal Preparation


Awareness Classes

Major Outcome of the Programme

Timely health care and support service

Free from mental stress and tension

Good companionship with children and youth

Actively engaged in livelihood initiatives

Rural Technology Development

COD promote a technology driven approach for the sustainable development of the communities. The environmental pollution and loss of the conventional energy sources are becoming threatening factors to life and co-existence of man and nature. There is a need to save mother earth through appropriate measures. Increasing climate change and adverse impact on life also has posed threats to the existence of all. The department tries to propagate the use of non-conventional energy applications among the rural communities. The objectives of the promotion of the rural technologies to the people and thus ensure sustenance of life and sound environment.

Bio gas is a program to promote eco friendly living and optimum use of natural resource for the sustenance of the human being. Bio gas is promoted by the government under the Ministry of Non Conventional Energy sources and various organizations national and international. The slurry from the biogas is used for the farming which gives more yields to the farmers. It also promotes the bio pesticides in the bio farming.

Educational Support Services

The expenses for higher education especially for professional and technical courses are increasing exorbitantly nowadays and the children hailing from poor families are forced to discontinue their studies due to the financial constraints. Education loan support was distributed to the students studying for Nursing, Computer Science, hotel management etc. We distributed school kits for children in different areas.