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Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management

Integrated Natural Resource Management (NRM) is a program aimed to address the developmental needs of the marginalized farmers in Kozhikode and Malappuram Districts with a special focus on organizing the farming community for their own development through sustainable livelihood promotion eco-friendly agricultural practices, watershed approaches and integral development through empowerment. The Natural Resource Management division of COD is working to ensure regeneration, development, maintenance and sustainability of the deteriorating Natural Resources. The vision of NRM department is sustainable management of natural resources (land, water, soil, plants, animal etc.) for achieving food, nutritional, environmental and livelihood security in the country. Its mission is developing location specific, cost effective, eco-friendly conservation and management technologies for higher input use efficiency, agricultural productivity and profitability without deteriorating natural resource base.


COD organizes different programmes to improve agriculture production and to revive the standards of agricultural practices in its operational areas. The objective of the action is to have positive trend to agricultural production. we focused on the following activities like organic farming practices, herbal cultivation, capacitating seminars, Distribution of seeds, waste land cultivation, vegetable cultivation etc. Farmers are retreatingfrom the faming activities and we promote reinforcement in the agriculture by adapting better output by value addition and better practicing in cultivation. We promote mixed cropsand special focus is given to the organic agriculture. Promotion of medicinal plants and commercial cultivation of aromatic plants are also given importance. The farmers groups are also stressed as it involve in the agriculture allied activities.

Farmers Club

In the emerging situation of the agricultural field regeneration COD has taken up a new initiative to strengthen farmers groups in different villages. Promotion of farming sector and building capacities of the farmers in sustainable agriculture practices is one of the key areas of the work of the organization. Kerala belongs an agriculture dominant state and more than 70% of the people are agricultural farmers. Farmers club facilitates promotion of organic farming practices and act as community level platforms for the poor farmers in the villages to share their problems and to address them collectively. We have started forming farmers groups with the objective of credit linkage for group farming, to organize as a group of committed organize farmers, to capacitate them with latest farming technologies and farm equipments and to introduce them with low cost farming possibilities and marketing possibilities. Thus we have formed 18 Farmers Club with 360 members. The role of farmer is of utmost importance when it comes to food safety and security. The farmer being the ultimate food producer, survival of farmers is crucial for survival of humans. We have linked them with NABARD and banks for better facilitation.


The capacity building trainings

Skill trainings in organic farming and organic inputs preparation

Conducting exhibitions and participating in marketing

Group farming and marketing

Credit linkages and exposure visits

Awareness Programs

Nature fraternity Club

It conducts programs in schools to create awareness about the nature - it surroundings for children and teachers in schools. Through the NF clubs we are promoting the ideas on natural resource management especially in the area of environment protection, water conservation, waste management, vegetable garden, medicinal garden and organic cultivation. We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with an organization for the cause of environment conservation. We are trying to inculcate nature friendly values among younger generation and thereby ensure active participation of youth and children. NF club members are maintaining the gardens with great interest conducted many programs.

Specific Objectives:

Promotion of eco friendly attitude among the students and the teachers in the schools

Promotion of herbal garden in schools and in the homes

Exposure programs for the students and the teachers

Capacity building programs for the teachers

Completions for the children

Promotion and propagation of replicable models in the field of environment

Collaborative preparation and action of the projects supported by different agencies.

Results of the program

To gain an understanding of their environment and their place in it.

To be actively, physically and spiritually involved with nature

To improve the natural environment

To create an agrarian culture in students

Solid Waste Management

COD has been supporting the communities in managing wastes – prevent generation of wastes and manage the produced wastes with the awareness of the panchayath authorities and the general public in relation to the role of the community in garbage removal and community based solid waste management. It also supports the women folk in their family and environment to develop their skills and techniques for solid waste management and converting them in to the productive manner.

FRAMES(Farmers Retaining AlternativeMethods for Environmental Sustainability)

COD accomplished the project named FRAMES (Farmers Retaining Alternative Methods for Environmental Sustainability) with the help of CARITAS India, to help the poor farmers to sustain their life status by accomplishing complete organic farming in their farm fields by using organic pesticides, manures etc. which help them to earn more income and good standard of healthy life.

Specific Objectives:

Reduce the use of external and non-renewable inputs which have greatest potential to damage the environment or harm the health of farmers and consumers.

Recognize local peoples’ traditional knowledge and combining this with scientific understanding.

Aware the farmers especially the young farmers about the important role that agriculture plays in shaping the landscape and regulating ecosystem and ensuring that agriculture contributes positively to sustaining the life support systems.

Assist the farmers to initiate eco friendly agriculture by integrating traditional and modern know how through linkages and networks with government and other agencies