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Natural Resource Management

Jeevan Madhur

The  JeevanMadhur policy is to cover individuals from the economically underprivileged segments of the society in the 18 to 60-year age group. The minimum sum assured under the plan is Rs. 5,000, while the maximum is Rs 30,000.  The term of the policy ranges between five to fifteen year. JeevanMadhur policy is a micro-insurance product of LIC. The policy has got high momentum among the poor by way of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam during the golden Jubilee celebration of LIC.


It ensures easy accessibility to advanced medical treatment

Provides better health status in the community

It reduces the financial burden of the family by taking loans


Jalanidhi, which is in its second phase, is Kerala State Government’s innovative rural water supply project. It is supported by the World Bank. The overall project development objective is to assist the Government of Kerala improving the quality of rural water supply and environmental sanitation service to ensure better health in investments. COD, Thamarassery, acts as a Supporting Organization in two Grama Panchayaths in Kozhikode District. Through our Organizational personnel we support the Gramapanchayaths, Beneficiary Groups, Beneficiary Committees on a day-to-day basis in planning and implementing the project activities, and providing required support to BGs during the implementation stage to stabilize scheme operations.

Water and Sanitation Program

Rural water and sanitation program is one which is promoted by the Government of kerala and we partook in that as a supporting organization in the five panchayaths – Koodaranchi, Veliankode, Cherukave, thamarassery and kattippara. Our team with the social workers, engineers and animators are fully involved in the activities with the support of community, panchayaths, and the agency at the district and state level for a period of two years. Formation and strengthening of the users groups, survey preparation of community empowerment plan, sanitation and community based drinking water programs, water recharging, panchayath strengthening , etc. are given importance in the program.

Family Development Program

SAFP is a Canadian based international organization founded in 1965 by Monsignor Augustine Kandathil. The family Development Program has been the core program of SAFP. Through economic and social development initiatives , poor families are able to realize their overall development, leading ultimately toward sustainable communities and a healthier community. This is accomplished by identifying the most vulnerable families in targeted areas and providing them with financial assistance for six years to help begin and maintain an income generating livelihood, leading to eventual self-reliance. Involvement in sangamam or self help groups helps the individual obtains confidence and skills necessary for success. Over the past decades of service to the poor, COD plays an important role for the integral development of the marginalized and poor people. Thus having a tie up with Save Family Plan India, COD does many activities and bring the poor and needy people to the mainstream of the society.

Through this program each beneficiary family is getting a regular monthly assistance of Rs.950 to engage in one or other income generation projects for their economic self- reliance. For the smooth functioning of the project and to sustain proper communications with the beneficiaries about the implementation of the program regional meetings were conducted in each region. In this meeting Coordinator depicts the complete picture of the program to the beneficiaries. They also shared their experiences and doubt about the implementation and procedure of the project. Project team has carried out the annual up gradation the baseline information of beneficiaries. Collection of the Christmas greetings and thanks to giving letters form the beneficiaries for the reporting period is going on.

Monitoring Visits

SMonitoring visit is aimed the families to attain the target that was put forward in the one year and six year plans. It also aims at close interaction with the families and community. Monitoring visit also helps to motivate and inspire them to achieve required development within a period of six years. By the monthly visit, the animator comes to know about the day to day situation of the beneficiary family and their IGPs. The yearly visit by the coordinator helps to have better relationship brings qualitative change in their family life.

Implementation of IGP

Initiating IGP program is one of the important components of SAFP program. It is done for improving the income of the beneficiary family and savings. IGP is to be started with the support of local fund mobilization and it is to be started according to the interest of the beneficiaries. EDP training was given to the beneficiaries of the selected families. The purpose behind the training program was for the better and successful implementation of the program. The EDP trainings helped the participants to develop solid ideas about working as an Enterprise. This enhanced the ability of each participant to initiate for any enterprise by their own. The members had been trained on different fields like leadership development, production of goods, importance of quality, marketing, sustainability, etc. These trainings will also give light to certain income generation programs which were implemented successfully in the operational areas. EDP training was given to all the families in the regional and central level meetings. It resulted in the increased the number of IGPs, increase of the income of the families and increase of the economic and social well being of the families. The income from the IGP resulted to in reduce indebtedness, improving living conditions, reducing the burden on single parents such as widows as well as abandoned women. The beneficiaries need skill up gradation to execute the new venture in a successful manner. To fulfill this need the agency has provided skill development program to the beneficiaries under the banner of EDP training. This will help the beneficiary to execute his/her venture successful and profitable.