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Programs and Achievements

Self Help Groups

SHG s formed as a methodology to relieve the poor and the marginalized people from the clutches of money lenders and the exploiters. It is formed by familiarity by nearness and socio-economic life situation. Emergence of the SHGs was in 90’s and today it has been changed a lot and modification was made in the development perspective. As an organization , we formed and focused various target people and we impart training and capacity building for the members of the groups. Various groups we give priority are;

Women Groups

Keeping the women out of the walls of the households and give them the opportunity to participation and leaderships, the affinity groups are formed. Majority of our groups are women.

Men Groups

Groups for men focus the thrift and savings in a focused manner and various social activities may be taken up by that. Participation of men for the development could be ensured for the program.

Disable Groups

Special groups for the disabled are formed by us as a part of community based rehabilitation of the disabled in the community. As they have various difficulties, their specific needs and rights to be safe guarded through this groups for the disabled.