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Programs and Achievements

Affiliated Groups

There are affiliated groups who are linked with this organization these groups were either formed individually or by a group of people and we have more than100 such groups.

Widow groups

Special focus is given to widows because their situation is same in many situations irrespective of their income. We there for promote the widow groups.

Mahila Samajams

We have 54 registered mahila samajam in our area, we do our women development activities specially the action oriented programs through this samajams, nearly 2700 women are members of mahila samajams. We have also formed a federation of all these mahila samajams called Women Action Society (WAS) which is registered.


Positively respond to the atrocities and violence against the women

Promote various self employment program for the women

Take up the community leadership and develop a gender concept in the society

Involve in the welfare activities for the women

Senior Citizens Groups

The formation of this associations is intended to provide a plat form to the old age men and women who are 60 and above, to share their problems, experiences and use these human resources productively for models of alternative lives to the new generation. However priority will be given for the people living below the poverty line.


To foster the welfare of needy aged

To assist the elderly irrespective of caste and creed

To advocate and sensitize the younger generation and society and create a social awareness about the problem of elderly people

To provide basic services to the old aged people n the areas of health care, recreation, nutrition and income generation.

Joint Liability Groups

The JLG plays crucial role in empowering the rural entrepreneurs by establishing stronger rural economy. COD promotes the group based rural enterprises through JLG groups as its very relevant today to increase the rural employment and rural incomes. Thanks to NABARD, which was supporting this initiative his has made noteworthy results throughout the fields. Further NABARD approved 204 JLGs and linkage with Karassery Service Co-operative Bank Mukkam. COD plays a vital role in empowering these JLG by rendering support services like monitoring and follow-ups to their group based initiatives and models. We are still in the path of mobilizing the rural poor in becoming successful rural entrepreneurs through group based empowerment programs like JLGs as model groups with firm stand and recognition. We further express our gratitude to NABARD for supporting this great initiative of shaping the rural India.

Karunyanidhi – A Charity Fund

COD has initiated charity fund for giving a helping hand to the poor and marginalized people for their financial needs. It is collected from the donations from the kind hearted people in the community. 40750 rupees have been distributed during the year.

Paraspara Sahaya Samidhi

Cod has organized groups named Paraspara sahaya samithi in the three regions of Kozhikode and Malappuram District. This group performs as a platform for implementing the welfare activities of COD in a more successful way. They are also given loans and other schemes for starting productive works.