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Vocational Training

Vocational Training

FVTRS supports skill training programs for the youth who could not complete their school education. It many youth to come to the mainstream of society through skill training programs. FVTRS training on different skill started in Kozhikode and malapuram districts in under COD and 300 young people participated in this programs. It is conducted in 13 batches and as a result 253 trainees have established their on livelihood support activities after the trainings.

Case Study:

We started the trainings in each trade we were sure that the trainings would end up with great changes in the life of many. The locations selected were very much interior and for all of them such trainings were new and all participated with greater interests. Here are the stories of some who have made fruits out of their efforts and hard work.

Tailoring and Garment Making Naduvannoor

At the place named Naduvannoor we have trained 17 women in tailoring and garment making. All among them were new to the field and they all eagerly attended the course throughout. One main thing to be noted is that they all were having great support from their family.

As per the agreement made to the teacher had given sharp training for a period of four months and our demand was not to complete more items rather we demanded to give thorough skill in whatever they are taught. But while we have completed our training the trainees themselves have arranged a training for one month at their own cost in order to finish up all items. During that time everything was done with prior permission and we made frequent visits.

Now they have begun a business of their own forming a group of six – Vigila, Shyni, Risha, Sheena, Libitha and Shibina. The group is well guided by Mrs. Vigila who was also the team leader during the time of training. She has a vision about their business and she maintains good rapport between the group members. Now making bulk purchase of cloth they are stitching readymade materials and they are selling it in the nearby markets. Those who are interested can join their business by stitching materials at their demand and they will be paid decently. Now this group named ‘Akshaya’ is a role model for all such interventions in the society. Up to this moment disguises to reported from their side and that make us to name them the real ‘Akshaya’, means something lasts forever.

Karingadu :

The second batch of tailoring was given at Karingadu, a hill top near the town Kuttiyadi. The problem they were facing was they had no access to the town could not and find an earning because of the insufficient traveling facilities. So they all were eagerly waiting for a chance to work and earn at their own place. This was the time COD has entered with the skill development programme of FVTRS, which has given wings to their dreams of success.

While completing the training two tailoring centers are opened now. The first one is named ‘Nanma’ and that shop is formed of three – Reena, Susheela and Sulochana. The second shop is named ‘Silsila’ Tailoring Center, owned by Mrs.Renuka and Rosily. The both groups undertake all types of stitching, alteration and repairing works. They also make readymade dresses and sell them at their own shops. The rooms are rented and the primary investments were found through loans from the SHGs and nearby commercial banks

DTP - Koodaranji

The first batch of DTP & Computer Basics was arranged at Koodaranhi. All of they have finished the course successfully and three among them are employed with good salary, all above 4000/- per month. The three employed are placed in different places

Rasheeda – Solution Computer Centre

Ramsiya – Marian Trading Center

Ramla – Regional Agri. Welfare Society

Besides, some more entrepreneurships are expected to begin without delay in tailoring and beautician. Those who have completed the DTP are in search of jobs and we are doing our maximum in order to place them with a descent salary at their own village’s

Beautician Course- Vettilappara

1st Batch of beautician course is completed at Vetilappara. 17 women actively participated in the course and they were inspired to study more on this topic. This inspiration led them to the teacher and they demanded to continue the course at their own expense. Five of them started beautician work as their own. The EDP training was very effective for them to start new enterprise. The name of the five members are: Laly Joseph, Gracy Bineesh,Joncy Jose, Deepa Peedikaparambil and Beena Abraham.


With the each phrases of ‘turn down expenditure’ and ‘increase earnings’ COD organizes entrepreneurship and livelihood development program encouraging individuals and groups to undertake viable micro enterprises and income generation activities. Capacity building programe are arranged to empower individuals and groups for the same. EDP trainings are also arranged in the various units under each region as per the need of the members.

Major Outcome of the Project

Promotion of the rural enterprises for increasing the capacity and employment opportunities for the rural women.

Rural women were of undergone scientific EDP training and initiated IGPs to reduce their poverty and enhance their bargaining capacity.

Formation to JLG to promote group IGPs. ß Effective linkages and collaboration with government and other agencies

Socio-political empowerment of the rural women.

Increased Government and PRI support to the new ventures.