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Center for Overall Development (COD) the social work division of Catholic Diocese of Thamarassery was established in the year 1989.COD initiated its activities with the objective of giving a helping hand to the people in need particularly marginalized vulnerable communities irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. The organization was registered as a society under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. (Reg No. 507/89) The management of the Organization is done by a governing body and the administrative powers are vested with the Director. Now we are working with rural poor in two districts of Kerala i.e. Kozhikode and Malappuram. The entire operational area of COD is divided in to three regions and further in to nineteen units (Grama Vikasana Samithi) as part of our decentralization process.


Formation and fostering of community Based Organizations at various levels.

Organization of women into a creative force for sustainable development

Develop capacities and skills of the poor and the marginalized for generating sustainable livelihoods and means of subsistence.

Promote the use of non-conventional energy sources through the propagation of eco-friendly and appropriate rural technologies- Regenerative of natural resources.

Rehabilitate the victims of natural and man made calamities and of the persons with disabilities.

Motivate people to act effectively in various social issues and against various social evils.

Providing positive atmosphere for integrated development of children.

Mainstreaming entrepreneur development ventures with credit and market linkages.

Support for excellence in education and career guidance.

Enhancement of youth and educated population to attain higher levels in new generation job and higher profession.

Social protection and sustainable development of elder people.

Promotion of community health initiatives.

Promotion of people bank for micro finance.

Conducting social researches.

Collaboration and linkages with public, private and Non- Governmental Organizations.


Guiding Principles

Social Service, in order to bring about a positive change of attitude and Capacity Building of affected communities.


It has a Governing Board comprising the President, Director, Treasurer and eleven board members.


COD enjoys Consultive status with many agencies including Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies. It act as a nodal as well as implementing agency for several schemes of national and international agencies. COD is member of NGO network, Kerala Social Service Forum.

Community based Organisations

COD primary focus is on developing and empowering the Community Based Organizations which are effective in addressing the local issues of the society, to ensure the rights and needs of the marginalized and downtrodden, who are handicapped with inequalities on various fronts. We strive hard in developing a greater understanding of participatory decision making which is an effective means of empowerment with visible result. We have mobilized CBOs, SHGs, JLGs with a view to encourage people’s participation in the development process. At present we have different forms of CBOs to address the needs of the society. Focused on the problems and situations in our operational area we have formed groups for children, youth, women, men and senior citizens. This is achieved best through building up of People’s Organizations by which bargaining capacity of the people would be enhanced. Continuous capacity building exercises are ensured for the strengthening and sustainability of the community based organizations formed and maintained. The relevance of Peoples Organizations has a great significance in creating progressive change in people’s lives. The aim of all the CBOs is the development of poor and marginalized to self reliance. COD Supports to engage in social welfare activities like income generation programes, infrastructure development, marriage aid, educational support, treatment etc.

  • Save A Family Plan
  • Government Departments
  • Caritas India
  • Panchayath Raj Institutions
  • Kerala Social Service Forum
  • Community Based Organizations
  • Religious Institutions/Congregations
  • Consultants and Experts Individuals
  • People’s Organizations/ Volunteers/ Leaders

Net Working and Collaborations

We are able to establish partnership with different actors and partners and this strengthen the good relationship already maintained with them. COD is able to be vibrant in responding to various social situations thanks to this esteemed partners both at national and international levels. Our achievements are the result of this great relationship with them. The major partners of the COD include Government Departments, Research Institutions, Financial Institutions, Panchayath Raj Institutions, Funding Agencies, Non- governmental etc.