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KAVAL Project is a great intervention of COD with the support of Police Department of Kerala for the the support of children in conflict with law. COD provides counseling and rehabilitation services for women and children.COD Thamarassery is concentrating on Thamarassery and Quilandy taluk for the enforcement of Kaval project.

Home visit | Group work | Individual counseling | Educational support | Parent management | Training and life skills | Family intervention


KAVAL Project is a great intervention of COD with the Disaster Preparedness and Management- Rescue and rehabilitation of victims of natural calamity and prevention through trainings and disaster management preparedness are the main concern of this intervention. More than 500 families were rescued and rehabilitated over the years by COD.other major interventions of disaster managements are formation of task forces, disaster clinics, awareness at selected 10 villages.


Ashakiranam is one of the major health interventions of COD. This is designed as a campaign against cancer. The three level intervention- Prevention, Treatment and rehabilitation is the speciality of Ashakiranam. As part of this Project we have formed a group of 1200 adult volunteers and 6000 student volunteers in various higher secondary schools for the promotion of a cancer less society. Through the support of volunteers COD distributes Manna Card-food kit for poor patients every month and scholarship for cancer patient’s children.


Housing for the Poor- Provides shelter facilities for the poor and disaster affected families. Over the years more than 500 homes were built in order to create healthier families. The major step of Housing project in 2013 and 2019 are to rehabilitate homeless people affected by landslides.


WAS means Women Action Society. It is the federation of Mahilasamajams. It is specially designed for women development and women empowerment.


Rehabilitation | Awareness | Counseling | Helps- IGP promotion- Income Generating Programe | Child care | Medicine supply- food, nutritional

The agency Centre for Overall Development (COD) Thamarassery has previous experience in health and HIV sector during the time period between 2005 and 2010. The agency SEVA funded and supported this project. For the enforcement of this project selected 5 panchayaths of Kozhikode district such as Kodencherry, Puthuppadi, Omassery, Thamarassery, and Thiruvambady. 25 AIDS/HIV affected patients were the beneficiaries of this project. Through this project provided various kinds of services to AIDS and HIV affected people such as;

Rehabilitation service | Psycho-social support | Medicinal support | Nutritional support | Family support | Self employment projects for HIV affected families | Educational helps and financial support to their children | Distribution of school kits to HIV affected children.