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The primary focus of COD is on developing and empowering the Community Based Organizations which are effective in addressing the local issues of the society, to ensure the rights and needs of the marginalized and downtrodden, who are handicapped with inequalities on various fronts. We strive hard in developing a greater understanding of participatory decision making which is an effective means of empowerment with visible result. We have mobilized CBOs, SHGs, JLGs with a view to encourage people’s participation in the development process. At present we have different forms of CBOs to address the needs of the society. Focused on the problems and situations in our operational area we have formed groups for children, youth, women, men and senior citizens. This is achieved best through building up of People’s Organizations by which bargaining capacity of the people would be enhanced. Continuous capacity building exercises are ensured for the strengthening and sustainability of the community based organizations formed and maintained. The relevance of Peoples Organizations has a great significance in creating progressive change in people’s lives. The aim of all the CBOs is the development of poor and marginalized to self reliance. COD Supports to engage in social welfare activities like income generation programs, infrastructure development, marriage aid, educational support, treatment etc.

CBOs Activities and Achievements

Micro credit programmes.

Income generation programmes.

Skill Training Programmes.

Micro Insurance Programmes.

Conducted the training in leadership for SHG leaders.

Promotion of Thrift and Credit.

Celebrating various days like Women’s day, Cancer day, Independence day, Enviornment day, AIDS day etc…

Training on Accountancy for animators and SHG leaders

Bank linkages for community welfare programmes

Conduct Medical Camp

Conduct Quiz Competition

SHG s and Federations

Self Help Groups(SHG) are the novel concept in the development and we started the formation and strengthening in the year 1996. It is group of people of similarity and nearness coming together for the actions and activities focuses in the savings and thrifts. It can be of different types as there are different activities and occupation and situation.


Promotion and saving of thrift

Involve in the social action and in the Panchayath Raj Institutions

Promotion of development interventions

Collaborations with the associations, government and non government institutions

Financial needs are met with the collective action and collaboration with banks

Developing the leadership among the members

Togetherness and support for the nation building

Meeting the needs of the members and their families ina development perspective

The representatives of the SHGS are formed in the ward level in the Panchayath is known as Micro Credit Cooperatives(MCC) and the representatives of the MCCs forms the Gramvikasana Samithi (GVS) and that is the federation of the grama panchayath level which is the replica of the organization – COD at the village level